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The Power Matrix of Leadership

Over the course of the last three months we have seen the dire necessity of strong competent leadership. From city and community spaces all the way to federal governments and global arenas, the fate of society as a whole is heavily predicated upon a sound vision that can direct people in time of crisis. There are set fundamental character traits of leadership that once our broken births a lack of trust, rebellion and confusion detrimental to all. Off mere observation for the last year and several hypotheses of various leaders in different roles I have identified three key qualifications of a progressive yet grounded leader. Contrary to previous studies in this focus, the criteria listed below reflects persons of high emotional intelligence as opposed to their intellectualism. In order for all three to work harmoniously, humbly in the direction of perfection, there has to be a deep sense of awareness and accountability that this paradigm of a leader possesses way before they are placed in tested in that position.

Yes, leaders can be born or cultivated either through circumstance or organic progression but unless given the authority to do so the vision you are trying to bring into fruition can never fully mature because of the lack of order. Order is protection and there is a level of submission on all levels of authority that are necessary for success. Submission is an understanding that the particular spot of where you are placed undergirds something greater than you that requires more of you. On the other end of the spectrum we have experience at some time the irresponsibility of giving authority to a leader which was solely based off of position and not merit. It is very challenging to bring cohesiveness and uniformity under one vision when this occurs. Normally this requires a shift in culture which can be done but also comes with the pressure of time and vested emotions. I have noticed that credibility evokes trust and with that trust authority is inherited. The power index simply put highlights the close proximity a people have access to their leadership. As you can guess this varies by culture, age, gender and more. From my personal lands my generation has lost some respect for the hierarchical structure of authority as expressed by their predecessors. Just as an attic cannot be placed where the foundation is because its purpose is meant to cover, so the foundation cannot be placed at the very top or its weight will crush everything below as its purpose is to sustain.

The ability to execute separates the idealist from the trailblazers. Power is a force that grows by accumulation. It is built. It is tested. There is no inverse relationship between power and the vessel. You have to be fortified enough to match the power you are given otherwise it is abused or better stated… abnormally used. There will be times where our ability and confidence are not on the same page but be mindful of the test that will insure where your source of strength comes from. Power without authority can start a rebellion. Consistently assessing the quality of your execution will garner a respect for where you are and where you can go. Authority will lead and direct the force of your power.

The distinct and dangerous thing about influence is that it can bring untested power and a false narrative of authority. Influence ways in the balance and inconsistency of emotions. It negates credibility, knowledge, skills and wisdom. Charisma can carry the power of influence in a very deceivable way but it will always dissipate under the test of time. Generally speaking, influence must be supported by costs because it requires some underlining emotional connection in order to work. This is what makes it so unique in nature. When influence is fueled by personality it becomes a trend due to the fact that it is successful by popularity. When influence is grounded by a sound vision the attraction is now placed on something bigger than you and is not predicated upon the likes and/or dislikes of… YOU. Personally, and this goes against all 10+ years of my marketing experience, I don’t believe in personal branding. When you have to promote yourself as oppose to a body of work you then have to sustain that perception where your credible work can be unbiasedly weighed against others. Think of our interactions with children more specifically babies. When we are trying to convince them to do something we want we change the inflection and pitch of our voices to a higher more pleasantly sounding tone. Overtime and with some familiarity it becomes decreasingly less challenging to influence that same child because we have established authority and trust with them through our actions. Influence is simply a vehicle that should never take the place of your vision as that is where your direction stems from. A visionless influencer is a junkie of his former glory and has pitched his tent there.

This is by no means the only criteria needed for great leadership however you can place positive characteristics within either one of the three categories. Metaphorically speaking, Authority represents the driver, by law, mandated to operate a vehicle. That vehicle which possesses the ability to carry the driver from point a to point B is represented as influence. Lastly, power is the engine or the force that moves both the vehicle and is driver to the Destination. As a leader, where is your vision taking you?

Press Release: Welcome back to JancynCo

Dear Valued Supporter, has been hard at work and is back with a new look and feel! We took this time, amidst a global pandemic, to reset with you in mind. Over the last decade our offices have been 100% remote to keep our carbon footprint low, competed with the ever-advancing trends of technology as well as accommodated the increasing needs of the clients we serve. JancynCo was built for times such as these. Although our priorities rely heavily on innovation, ideation and execution we do more than just produce concepts and the strategies that lead to results. It is our purpose to fulfill the core values and vision of your organization or brand in ways that differentiate you from your competitors. There is a bigger picture at hand in shifting humanity forward and we would like to be the resource in which you use to position your vision in the pathway to success.

Within the past year, we have:

  • Created a tech-based subsidiary known as which services the disabled community by producing hardware, software and process systems
  • In collaboration with The Department of Learning Technologies at The University of North Texas, VisioTech is in the discovery phase of developing a device for visually impaired students for distance learning
  • Expanded our services to include brand audits & experiential marketing strategies
  • Invested heavily in our research & development department to provide more accurate and precise analysis for our clients

We encourage you to take a look around the new and check out all that we have to offer. Interested in our services? Want to partner with us? Want to learn more about how you can invest in our innovations for the disabled community? Please feel free to contact us. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to the exciting times ahead!

Black Out Tuesday

We wanted to provide a shopping list from our beloved staff and affiliates of the companies we love to support. This list comprises brands that are both Dallas based as well as nationwide to celebrate creativity and economic strength across the African Diaspora.  A boosted Black economy is a boosted American economy. Put your dollar on the right side of history. 

  1. Technology

Lens.AI caught our eye (no pun intended) earlier this year with a feature in black enterprise magazine. As strong advocates for big data & artificial intelligence, we absolutely revere founder Mike Bugembe as an authority in the field. The ability to acquire data, analyze it and optimize it to boost companies is something we love to support. You are doing yourself a great disservice if you believe that Lens.AI are solely about robots. In the rare case that this universe might see a takeover… Lens.AI would have the knowledge win the war against the machines.

  • VisioTech –

    This web based tech company was built out of the frustrations it’s founder Tiffany Martin endured when she lost her vision and took on the challenge of returning to the workforce. Seeing the discrepancies and lack of access to technology in order to better aid the disabled community, she was on a mission to develop better systems, hardware and software specifically for accessibility. With the research they are conducting in education alone… It doesn’t take sight in order to have a grand vision.


  1. Fashion

Keep it spicy for your significant other with this black owned lingerie line. With cute nighties that fit all different shapes and sizes, we are sure you will find the perfect fit that exudes the confidence you have inside. Add the perfect cherry on top for your romantic rendezvous and check them out today.

Bold statements in comfort. From the witty T-shirts to eclectic accessories, we rock our Artistic Emodiedment gear on all the zoom meetings! This line proves a movement can be worn. Purchase your next statement today.

  • Fear of God –

    In the wake of high end fashion lines making a huge racial plunder in marketing, we began searching for threads that resembled our unique styles and culture. Style is not a one size fits all but what caught our eye was the unique detail of layering and intense monochromatic color schemes. Seek and ye shall find… a brand for the stylish believer.


  1. Beauty & Cosmetics

    • Bevel Grooming Products –

      “Signature fade with a beveled blade… That’s a major key.” Nas’ sentiments could not have been more accurate. This grooming line, which focuses on black hair is one of a kind. With customizable product selection through personalized assessments your 1st experience definitely won’t be your last.

    • Black Girl Sunscreen

      Do not get burned with false information! Black people need to protect their skin from UV rays just as much as anyone else. This black owned sunscreen lotion provides the necessary protection and nutrients that will keep you covered as you enjoy your summer outdoors, showing off your melanin richness.

    • Luxe Touch Medical Spa –

      Our staff members take a holistic approach in their health and relaxing visits to the spa are a must when you work as hard as we do. Luxe Touch Medical Spa has an amazing, helpful team of licensed professionals that offers an array of services. A clean environment along with convenience makes for a stress-free experience and a fan favorite.


  1. Entertainment

We are in love with HBO’s The Shop and all the taboo topics executive producer Lebron James likes to zone into. James continues to grow his entertainment empire. With the upcoming release of Space Jam 2, our staff is already on nostalgia overload. This triple threat, as an athlete, activist and now entertainer has set up Springhill as a contender for MVP.

Available for desktops, this one of a kind game for black women empowerment is nothing short of enjoyable excellence. Be warned, this game is super addictive as our staff found out very quickly. Check out the video below and take a swat at those nagging hands trying to invade your personal space.

This publicly traded entertainment conglomerate has recently been “Topping the Charts” in the stock market. We are in no way financial advisors however we could not help but to take notice of this woman owned organization which is one of few within the public trading spaces. Cathy Hughes is a force to be reckoned with.


  1. Physical & Mental Wellness

Fitness does not come easy for everyone but we all know it’s important. Finding a motivational source rooted in perseverance is rare but we’ve found that in Grit Fitness.  Stay healthy in quarantine, get that heart rate up and try out their virtual courses today.

We are serious when it pertains to our mental health. Finding access to resources that cultivate that wellness has become more and more convenient. We encourage you to utilize this service that not only affords you the opportunity to connect with a licensed therapist but one personalized to your experience.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett has made grand plays on and off the field. Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Shower Pill has steadily grown as a portable hygienic alternative for athletes on the go. This is a great addition for your workout bag and great idea for favors for your next event.


  1. Food & Beverage
    • Manna Juice

      Our staff frequents Manna Juice often for their immune booster shots, funky titled smoothies and fresh pressed delicious juices. Their online payment process is simple and their facility is clean. Don’t be a dead BEET… TURNIP and get some juice!

    • Root’s Chicken Shak –

Season 7 Of Bravo TV’s hit culinary show Top Chef introduced a dynamic personality we absolutely love to follow. Chef Tiffany Derry has placed her mark in fine comfort cuisine. Place an order for the duck fat fried chicken wings to go and let us know what you think!

As the largest African- American-owned wine company in the United States, their distinct product has been flying off the shelves. This endearing tell of family connections blended with meticulous detail in select wine makes for a great conversation starter. Lift your spirits with a bottle of Black Girl Magic wine and cheers to the freakin weekend.

  1. Education

We have a heart for the community and that energy and drive is passionately reflected through the organization, Ladies for Art, Culture & Education. This program has integrated a holistic curriculum in several Dallas based elementary schools. With plans of expanding into e-books, events & more, we continue to LACE up our working boots and partner to transform the lives of young ladies.

No one understands adolescence more than an adolescent and Essynce Couture connects with this. Having written three books chronicling 6th, 7th and 8th grade, young entrepreneur Essynce Moore is not only writing her way into history, she’s also doing it in style. Empower young readers to succeed, cultivate their own style and have help along the way when needed.


  1. Home & Lifestyle

During pandemic times, everything is at home, but is your heart? Create your safe space, turn chaos into peace, and make home the place where your heart is with a variety of candles and home decor from SJ Home. After all, it’s not just a house, or office, it’s your home.

Our team doesn’t settle for less but will work for comfort. Bailey’s has a unique way of arranging antique, modern, and chic furniture to help cultivate a personalized furniture style for you. Have yourself a complete furniture buying experience and build a level of comfort that compliments your level of excellence and hard work.

We love ventures and brands that induce us to be different and to stand out. With a unique story of always being set apart, Aryn Terry gives us candles that create uniqueness in our most personal spaces. Like it’s innovator, these are not your average candles, there’s definitely some air in them.


  1. Real Estate & Construction

This real estate tycoon brings a whole new meaning to buying the block. Peebles’ sustainable and affirmative strategies have supported the efforts of inclusion through its residential and commercial projects within the community. Not only are they presenting a seat at the table but the house that will protect its cause.

  • E Smith Advisors –

    Hall of Famer running back Emmitt Smith along with business partner Eugene Walker has cemented their position as construction authorities within the Lone Star State. With development rapidly increasing in Dallas, along with prior projects with the Cowboys practice facility in Frisco and the DFW International Airport, E Smith Advisors has laid the foundation to be around for some time.


*Happy Blackout Tuesday Shopping*