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Welcome to Jancynco, a leader in digital strategic planning. As a 100% woman-owned, minority-owned, and disability-owned enterprise, we bring over 50 years of collective experience in blending digital strategy with artificial intelligence.

Our diverse team is our greatest asset, providing unique perspectives and expertise. This diversity, combined with our deep understanding of AI, enables us to deliver innovative, data-driven digital strategies. We excel in integrating human creativity with AI analytics to create solutions that are not just efficient, but also visionary.


At Jancynco, we focus on enhancing your digital operations, leveraging AI for insightful market analysis, and transforming business processes through advanced technology. Partner with us for a journey towards digital excellence, guided by experience, diversity, and cutting-edge AI acumen.

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t’s not a matter of getting close to the intended target but developing a robust strategy and sound preparation to hit the target the first time.

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Every project is built with longevity in mind and that comes with keen recision hitting your target every time consistently.

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A key component in early adaptation is efficiency that is tested through a standard of stewardship over time and resources


JancynCo offers a wide array of services to fit your needs. Whether in any of the facets below or other areas, our collective 60+ years of experience has equipped us with everything necessary to provide you with individually tailored strategies that return excellent results.

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Situation Analysis

Provides a thorough assessment of the organization’s digital presence and capabilities, evaluating digital strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through a specialized SWOT analysis.

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Digital Goal Setting and Objective Formulation

Helps in setting clear, achievable digital goals that are specific, measurable, relevant, and time-bound, aligning with the organization’s overall digital strategy.

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Digital Strategy Planning

Develops a comprehensive digital strategy plan, covering aspects like digital marketing, e-commerce, online customer engagement, and digital technology integration.

Digital Implementation Support

Offers guidance and assistance in implementing digital strategies, focusing on digital change management, resource allocation for digital initiatives, and adjustments in digital operations.

Digital Public Relations and Communications:

Our product, “PR & Communications” is designed to revolutionize your brand’s public relations and communications using a unique blend of advanced AI-enhanced strategies, digital communication optimization, and the diverse insights of our expert team.

By leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms, we craft data-driven, targeted PR campaigns tailored to resonate profoundly with your audience. This approach not only ensures message effectiveness but also optimizes your digital communication channels, aligning them seamlessly with your overall brand strategy for maximum impact and coherence.

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity in today’s global marketplace, we draw on the diverse perspectives of our team to create communication strategies that appeal broadly and inclusively. Moreover, “PR & Communications V” is adept at managing crisis communications, providing both proactive strategies and effective solutions during critical times, ensuring your brand maintains its poise and reputation under any circumstances.

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